Costume Design at Central


My name is Esme Duncan and I am currently in my third year studying ‘Design for Stage’.

At the moment I am designing the costumes for the upcoming production Europe, by David Greig. The set has been designed by my peer on the design course, Guoda Jaruseviciute and it will be performed by the actors who are in the collaborative and devised acting course.

The performance is being shown next week in one of Central School of Speech and Drama’s studio spaces and will be open to the public.

At the moment I am doing the last bits of sourcing for the show and, as it is set in the present day, I have been taking regular trips to Oxford Street to buy all the clothes.

We are teching the space at the moment, which means that we are running all scenes through and making sure that all the elements, including costume work. This is particularly important because in this play there is real fire, snow, fake blood, a fight and a few quick changes. Hopefully it will all go well and we will be ready for the audience to come on Wednesday!!!

Here is one of the costumes designs that I did for the show, I used Photoshop to create this collage, as it meant that I could be more specific about the details of the costume.  This is the costume for Katia, who is a young woman who has become homeless because of unstable economic reasons in the town in Eastern Europe where she used to live; she is now travelling around Europe with her mother.

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